2015 Demo

by Unjust

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Recorded at the Astronaut Lounge, Spanaway 2015.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Ahren Lanfor


released March 11, 2015



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Unjust Seattle, Washington

Hardcore band from Seattle, WA.


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Track Name: Change Of Pace
Im on the verge of a mental break. pressure building in my blood. Fighting and failing, searching for peace that i cant find.

My past will, always hold me back. Cant escape the darkness, cant find the light.

Each day a passing phase, killing time, no end in sight, cant keep pretending, everything gonna be alright.

What will tomorrow bring? An empty day or a change of pace? When will i find my saving grace?
Track Name: Well Wisher
Talk and laugh behind my back. Put on a smile when we're face to face. Wish well to keep good faith. but you've fallen from my good grace. You can try and take whats mine, but you wont get anywhere. Keep your the act cause i can see right through, Ive got no more time for you.

Better off without you, left me with nothing to say. I wont let this to linger on after today. No need to continue this strife, you're dead weight being cut from my life,

You're throwing shade, so keep my name from your mouth
Track Name: No Venom
We've got nothing left. No need to pretend anymore. You were caught in a web of lies. Just another "friend" that wont be missed.

Your forked tongue failed you this time. A snake with no venom

You became a broken record, promises made and were smashed. The picture you painted looks nothing like it used to be.

Keep playing the victim, its so easy for you to do. Your words hold no weight with me, and ill get the last laugh
Track Name: Empty Words
Im sick of these games they don't mean a thing, words without meaning bring out the worst in me, cant you tell the truth to help save our soul? Did every emotion you have become cold?

How much longer until i break? Thoughts of you makes my voice shake. Another day caught in the past, this mistake hurts more than the last. When will i learn from it all? The same ending with a different face

If i learn to forgive, i'd be quick to forget. Cant bring myself to let go of regret. Try and keep up but i cant last. time to start from scratch. - chorus

should have known from the start, no one to blame but me. Cursed myself again, falling for fallacy